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Feza Erkeller paintings - Skippers

A Beautiful City
Oil on Canvas, 52x42 cm

BFeza Erkeller paintings - Skippers

Oil on canvas, 90x70cm
Inspired by photos of Ali Oz SOLD

Feza Erkeller paintings - Washing Line

Washing Line
Oil on Canvas 30x40 cm framed
Ispired by Ali Oz

Feza Erkeller paintings - Blue mosque interior

Blue mosque, interior
Oil on canvas, 65x53 cm framed

feza Erkeller paintings - Blue Mosque at Night
Blue Mosque at Night
Oil on canvas, framed 62x52 cm

feza Erkeller paintings - Blue Mosque, Lanterns

Blue Mosque, Lanterns
Oil on canvas, 65x53cm framed

Feza Erkeller paintings - ResIstanbul, Gezi Park
ResIstanbul, Gezi Park
Oil on canvas 100 x 70 cm

feza Erkeller paintings - St Sophia, interior
St Sophia, interior
Oil on canvas, framed 42x32cm framed

Feza Erkeller paintings - Cappadocia, The Edge

A Bit of Spice
Oil on canvas, 53x63cm framed

feza Erkeller paintings - Street Art, Galata

SOS Galata
Oil on linen canvas, 40x40 cm
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