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Red Bus,
Oil on linen board, framed 42x42cm
Oxo II.
Oil on canvas, framed 32x42cm

Oil on canvas, 62 x52 cm framed  SOLD


Lunch Time Concert
Oil on canvas, 52 x62 cm framed SOLD

Wet Morning 

Wet Morning, Vernazza
Oil on canvas 30x30cm

Thames in Colour 

Thames in Colour
Oil on canvas, 82 x32 cm framed SOLD

From the River Boat 

From the River Boat
Oil on canvas, 42x32 framed


London Eye at Night
Oil on canvas 62 x32cm framed

From the Little Ship Club 

From the Little Ship Club
Oil on linen canvas, 30 x30 cm 

Big Ben at Night 

Big Ben at Night
oil on board, 31x31cm framed

Southwark Bridge 

Southwark Bridge
Oil on canvas, 20x20cm


Muswell Hill Sunset
Oil on Canvas 62x32 cm framed

Fortis Green Evening 

Fortis Green Evening
Oil on board, 32 x32 cm framed

Fortis Green Evening

One Mayfair, Portland Hospital Party
Oil on canvas, 70x50 cm

One Mayfair, interior

One Mayfair, Interior
Oil on Canvas, 30x30cm

Festival Pier
Festival Pier
Oil on Canvas 84x44 cm SOLD

Eye II

Eye II
Oil on Canvas, 53x 43 cm

Feza Erkeller paintings - Skippers

A Beautiful City
Oil on Canvas, 52x42 cm

BFeza Erkeller paintings - Skippers

Oil on canvas, 90x70cm
Inspired by photos of Ali Oz SOLD

Feza Erkeller paintings - Washing Line

Washing Line
Oil on Canvas 30x40 cm framed
Ispired by Ali Oz

Feza Erkeller paintings - Blue mosque interior

Blue mosque, interior
Oil on canvas, 65x53 cm framed

feza Erkeller paintings - Blue Mosque at Night
Blue Mosque at Night
Oil on canvas, framed 62x52 cm

feza Erkeller paintings - Blue Mosque, Lanterns

Blue Mosque, Lanterns
Oil on canvas, 65x53cm framed

Feza Erkeller paintings - ResIstanbul, Gezi Park
ResIstanbul, Gezi Park
Oil on canvas 100 x 70 cm

feza Erkeller paintings - St Sophia, interior
St Sophia, interior
Oil on canvas, framed 42x32cm framed

Feza Erkeller paintings - Cappadocia, The Edge

A Bit of Spice
Oil on canvas, 53x63cm framed

feza Erkeller paintings - Street Art, Galata

SOS Galata
Oil on linen canvas, 40x40 cm
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