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formula for a good exhibition

03 Jun 2013

Feza’s Formula for a successful exhibition:   24.5.13, Insight School of Art




A successful exhibition is one of the most thrilling moments of an artist’s life, so don’t let anything put you off

To go solo is great, but most of us cant afford it          so....


Decide      Dw6

where -local, central, abroad /  cafe, gallery, other exhibition spaces

when - near to CX etc

with whom- hard working, friendly, fun,decisive, reliable, different style

with what sort of paintings

what not to do

whats important money or love


P1 Plan

1. do you need to paint anything specific for that venue, a centre piece or something relevant to the area, smaller size etc

2. decide on a style of the overall look of the room, PV, publicity materials, hanging, framing, your own look  

3. Quality of publicity materials and frames

4. always think of ideas which will improve your presentation, see what people do in major galleries or in smaller exhibitions  Collect leaflets, flyers for ideas, sketch flyers

5. go to exhibitions to learn what looks best and what not to do

6. think of all the details, price lists, labels, browsers, greeting cards, business cards before hand

7. update website, personal statements with selling points of your painting career, good photo of yourself

8. finance


P2 Publicity   

  1. Let everyone know you are doing an exhibition, where and when
  2. inform local press
  3. use free internet sites for advertising
  4. distribute leaflets, send invites
  5. have a database for email addresses of contacts and send electronic invites
  6. use facebook, twitter, linkedin 


A1 Action

positively assertive, businesslike, cooperative, CONFIDENT

do not give up when there is a difficulty, be more determined, STICK TO THE PLAN

bargain, negotiate

Build rapport with staff and management

its your exhibition no one else will do the work unless you do it

Be generous to your guests and buyers esp with wine



overall success, comments, attendance, no of business cards taken

who bought, what sort and size

commissions, post exhibition contacts and sales

have you really made any money?

are you happy?

what would you do differently, what could be improved in the next exhibition

what did you learn about yourself & your market

have you booked and planned your next exhibition??






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