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Feza Erkeller-Yuksel

Growing up in Istanbul, art was my passion. Later, after leaving as a political refugee, I lived and worked as a doctor in London for over 30 years.

Now art is a major of my part of my daily life. 

I have always been happiest by the sea and coastal areas inspire me with their visual beauty, sounds and smells.  This year I have been concentrating on painting landscapes and cityscapes of locations I have travelled abroad or familiar places at home. My first visit to Australia inspired me with its wild landscapes and a brief trip to Cinque Terre with its beautiful old towns. 

I am a member of the London Painters and Sculptors Group, Hesketh Hubbard Art Society and the Medical Art Society.  I regularly exhibit with these groups. I have recently joined the London Printing Studio.

Portrait by Mike Goldwater
Latest News & Events
Colour & Form '18 ExhibitionOur annual exhibition is coming soon05 Sep 2018 @ News & Events
The Patron's Award02 Aug 2018 @ News & Events
Coloue & Form "18 Exhibition is in early OctoberI will be exhibiting with the London Painters and Sculptors Group17 Jul 2018 @ News & Events
New Exhibition "Colour & Form"By 12 Artists. 3rd-8th October 2017 @ The Strand Gallery09 Aug 2017 @ News & Events
I have exhibited with the Hesketh Hubbard Art SocietyHesketh Hubbard Art Society Exhibition, 1-5 August 2017
the Mall Galleries
08 Aug 2017 @ News & Events
NLAN Group Exhibition at the Strand GalleryMy latest work will be exhibited between 10-15th November 201518 Oct 2015 @ News & Events
'Black Cat" picks up the Baron's prize at the Medical Art Society Exhibition16 Jul 2015 @ News & Events
Medical Art Society Annual Exhibition13-19 JULY16 Jun 2015 @ News & Events
I will take part at the NLAN Group Show08 Oct 2014 @ News & Events
Woman in Red, in Turkish pressMy painting was the cover of an academic union journal01 Sep 2014 @ News & Events
Medical Art Society Annual ExhibitionI am exhibiting at Royal Society of Medicine, 1 Wimpole Street, London between 14-19th July14 Jul 2014 @ News & Events
"Skippers' was at the Mall GalleriesMy painting "Skippers" was at Hesketh Hubbard Life Drawing Society Annual Exhibition, 23-28 June 201413 Jul 2014 @ News & Events
Our exhibition is in Milliyet Newspaper27 Apr 2014 @ News & Events
Hanging Point of View Exhibition15 Apr 2014 @ News & Events
My new artist statement15 Apr 2014 @ News & Events
Closing times of the The Gallery at the Crypt during our exhibition, St Martin in the Fields11 Apr 2014 @ News & Events
Opening Times of the Gallery at the Crypt, St Martin in the Fields03 Apr 2014 @ News & Events
Working Hard at the Studio, getting ready for the Point of View exhibition03 Apr 2014 @ News & Events
Woman in Red, in Turkish press15 Mar 2014 @ News & Events
London Evening Standard10 Mar 2014 @ News & Events
City Life & Urban Themes07 Mar 2014 @ News & Events


The Twelve Apostles
The Twelve Apostles
Oil on canvas, 70x100cm (sold)

Early Start

Early Start
Oil on canvas, 70 x70 cm

Vernazse in the Morning Light-Feza Erkeller-Yuksel

Vernazse in the Morning Light
Oil on canvas

Azrock i

Azrock I (ULURU)
Oil on canvas, framed 62x62 cm

Red Bus

Red Bus
Oil on Linen Board, framed 42x42cm

Oxo II
Oil on canvas framed,  33x43cm

Feza Erkeller paintings - Fallen Leaves

Fallen Leaves
Oil, framed 40x50cm

Feza Erkeller paintings - Agapanthus in the Wild
Agapanthus in the Wild
Watercolour, 48x40cm
Feza Erkeller paintings -Instow

Trees, Tresco
Watercolour, 50x31cm framed

Feza Erkeller paintings Colonial Town

Colonial Town, Mexico
Pastel on paper

Amanda- feza erkeller

Pastel on paper
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