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Feza Erkeller-Yuksel

Growing up in Istanbul, art was my passion. Later, after leaving as a political refugee, I lived and worked as a doctor in London for over 25 years.

Now art is a major of my part of my daily life. 
I have always been happiest by the sea and coastal areas inspire me with their visual beauty, sounds and smells. I admire the physical forces of the water and the wind. This year I have been concentrating on painting seascapes, trying looser figuration and using mixed media in addition to oils. I have also started learning printing techniques.

I am a member of the North London Artist Network, Hesketh Hubbard Art Society and the Medical Art Society.  I regularly exhibit with these groups. I have been recently awarded with the Baron's prize again, this time for my etching of "Black Cat".

Portrait by Mike Goldwater
Latest News & Events
NLAN Group Exhibition at the Strand GalleryMy latest work will be exhibited between 10-15th November 201518 Oct 2015 @ News & Events
'Black Cat" picks up the Baron's prize at the Medical Art Society Exhibition16 Jul 2015 @ News & Events
Medical Art Society Annual Exhibition13-19 JULY16 Jun 2015 @ News & Events
I will take part at the NLAN Group Show08 Oct 2014 @ News & Events
Woman in Red, in Turkish pressMy painting was the cover of an academic union journal01 Sep 2014 @ News & Events
Medical Art Society Annual ExhibitionI am exhibiting at Royal Society of Medicine, 1 Wimpole Street, London between 14-19th July14 Jul 2014 @ News & Events
"Skippers' was at the Mall GalleriesMy painting "Skippers" was at Hesketh Hubbard Life Drawing Society Annual Exhibition, 23-28 June 201413 Jul 2014 @ News & Events
Our exhibition is in Milliyet Newspaper27 Apr 2014 @ News & Events
Hanging Point of View Exhibition15 Apr 2014 @ News & Events
My new artist statement15 Apr 2014 @ News & Events
Closing times of the The Gallery at the Crypt during our exhibition, St Martin in the Fields11 Apr 2014 @ News & Events
Opening Times of the Gallery at the Crypt, St Martin in the Fields03 Apr 2014 @ News & Events
Working Hard at the Studio, getting ready for the Point of View exhibition03 Apr 2014 @ News & Events
Woman in Red, in Turkish press15 Mar 2014 @ News & Events
London Evening Standard10 Mar 2014 @ News & Events
City Life & Urban Themes07 Mar 2014 @ News & Events
link to latest exhibition26 Feb 2014 @ News & Events
Link to St Martin in the fields website17 Feb 2014 @ News & Events
City Life & Urban Themes12 Feb 2014 @ News & Events
City Life & Urban ThemesNew exhibition at the Taproom, Upper Street, Islington

4th March-13th April
08 Feb 2014 @ News & Events
Coming exhibition: POINT OF VIEW, 15 April-11 May 2014I will be exhibiting at The Crypt Gallery, St Martin-in-the Fields with my friend Helen Lee.12 Jan 2014 @ News & Events


Evening Sky, St Ives_Feza Erkeller-Yuksel
Evening Sky, St Ives
Oil on canvas, framed 64x64 cm

A beautiful City_Feza Erkeller-Yuksel
A Beautiful City,
Oil on canvas framed, 52x4cm framed

Porthgwarra in Indigo_Feza Erkeller-Yuksel

Porthgwarra in Indigo
Mixed media with watercoulour, 60x45 cm

Pendeen Coast

Pendeen Coast
Watercolour on paper, 25x30cm

Tiny Dingy

Tiny Dingy
Oil on canvas, 20x14 cm framed(32x24cm)

Feza Erkeller paintings - Pendeen Watch

Pendeen Watch
MIxed Media on paper, 50x60cm 

Feza Erkeller paintings - calm water

Calm Water
Oil on canvas, framed 104cmx44cm

Feza Erkeller paintings -Instow

Oil on Canvas 60x45cm

Feza Erkeller paintings - Lowtide, Instow

Lowtide, Instow
Oil on canvas, 60x50cm

Taormina_ Feza Erkeller

Oil on board, 20x20cm
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